Ford prepares giant network of charging stations in the US

Ford may not have a fully electric car yet, but when it is ready for this, there will be a huge network of thousands of charging stations where every electric car can charge, unlike charging stations of Tesla where only its own vehicles can charge. The construction of the specific charging stations will be done … Read more

Nissan and EDF Group signed a co-operation agreement

The specific cooperation agreement of Nissan and EDF Group focuses mainly on the development of Smart charging (V2G) solutions combining the technologies developed and guaranteed by the two companies.  Smart charging is for technologies that optimize the charging or discharging of an electrically powered vehicle, in an efficient and cost-effective way. As part of the … Read more

Electrify America unveiled a system of robotic chargers

Electrify America goes a step further with the aim of creating public robotic charging systems. A first presentation of the project was recently made in San Francisco, California and in collaboration with Stable Auto. Essentially it is a fully automated unit from robotic power chargers up to 150 kW. The driver what he has to … Read more

EV chargers will have mandatory new homes in England

The Transport Ministry of England has launched a new law in public consultation, which makes it mandatory to present EV chargers for electric cars in all new homes built in the country. The aim of the government is to integrate electric cars as quickly as possible and thus, if the new law is finally “passed”, … Read more

Skoda Auto prepares charging stations in Czech Republic

Skoda Auto, which has grand plans, this year will launch in the market the little Citigo, which as announced by the Czech brand, will be manufactured only as electricity, and will throw in the market and the plug-in hybrid version of Superb, which will be charged by an outlet and will have electrical autonomy for … Read more

Volkswagen : Portable charging station for its electrics

Volkswagen portable charging station

Volkswagen is the first company to announce the development of a portable charging station. Large European cities are rapidly developing the infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles by placing more and more charging stations. According to the schedule it will be ready in 2020. The capacity will reach 360 kWh and can provide energy for up … Read more

Chargers for electric cars for all new homes in Europe

From 2019 to all new or renovated homes in Europe, they should have an electric cars charger as announced by the Commission. Regulations do not specify what type of charger should be installed in every new home with many European countries planning to phase out diesel cars off their roads. The new regulations are intended … Read more