Wireless charging for electric vehicles evolving in China

Wireless charging for electric vehicles is being prepared by China. In fact, the project is probably in full development and it is not excluded that it will occur soon enough. In particular, the Asian Electricity Council (China Electricity Council) ratified and published national standards for electric vehicles with wireless charging, i.e. without plugging in. These … Read more

ASKOLL eSpro70 eScooter with up to 100 km range

ASKOLL eSpro70 is an eScooter where it stands out in design, has great practicality but also affordable price. Built in Vicenza, Italy, it is the professional electric scooter based on the corresponding political model. eSpro70 features a particularly slim design reminiscent of a lightweight scooter, while the loading grill stands out at the rear. Askoll … Read more

All-electric Peugeot 208 PSE expected in Paris exhibition

Peugeot will probably unveil the hot version of 208 at the 2020 Paris Motor Show. However, because of the coronavirus crisis, nothing is yet certain whether the exhibition will take place. The hot and fast new Peugeot will probably take the name 208 PSE bearing the initials of Peugeot Sport Engineered. But, that it will … Read more

Formula E : 2020 Rome E-Prix was postponed

The Coronavirus crisis is affecting almost every activity and the 2020 Rome E-Prix in Formula E could not be an exception. Italy is the European country most affected by the coronavirus, since it already counts 7,375 confirmed cases and 366 deads. Officially now the 2020 Rome E-Prix race was postponed where it was scheduled for … Read more

Electric vehicles analysis technical data and cost

Electric vehicle analysis

The informational videos concerning the electric vehicles analysis are always interesting. Pure electric vehicles are growing rapidly but still many consumers don’t know exactly what they are. Electric car technology is more advanced than fossil fuel vehicles. On the other hand, they also have less complexity since far fewer parts are needed in a full-electric … Read more

Electric SUV Renault confirmed until 2022

Electric SUV Renault

The SUV category is one of the most popular now and the French brand confirmed an electric SUV Renault by 2022. The new electric vehicle will have a coupe character and will be based on the prototype brother Nissan Ariya. The synergies between the two manufacturers are what they want to have and aim to … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck pickup exceeded 500.000 orders

Tesla Cybertruck pickup

As we mentioned two months ago the Tesla Cybertruck pickup could reach 500,000 orders. Not long after the launch of the Cybertruck, orders quickly reached the number 250,000. With $100 one can order the futuristic Pickup, which will be returned when the car is delivered. But it has recently become known, and according to unofficial … Read more

Electric Lotus EVIJA production will begin soon

Electric Lotus EVIJA

Everything is ready for the production of electric Lotus EVIJA hypercar. The production line is located at Lotus’s headquarters in Hethel while next door there is the company’s test track. In total, 130 units will be produced where everything will be manually constructed. Maximum power of electric Lotus EVIJA will be 2,000 horsepower and its … Read more