Electric vehicles exceeded 4 million worldwide sales

Electric vehicles 4 million

Εlectric vehicles are becoming more and more popular and this is evidenced by the fact that nowadays more than 4 million sales have been made without calculating bus sales where we are seeing a rapid rise.  When the first sales of electric cars began, it took 5 years to reach 1 million sales. We now … Read more

Mercedes-Benz EQC last teaser Video

EQC last teaser

Tomorrow is a great day for Mercedes-Benz since it will reveal its first pure electric car. This is the Mercedes-Benz EQC, where it has been revealing more and more elements both for its exterior and for its interior. In the following Teaser Video, more details of the electric car are revealed. Let’s remember that the … Read more

New Peugeot 208 will come with fully electric version

Peugeot has no intention of staying away from the “dance” of pure electric vehicles, and according to information, the replacement of 208 that will be presented after 2020 will also have a fully electric version. Peugeot has no intention of making a separate electric car with a totally different design, so the new 208 and … Read more

Faraday Future first Pre-Production FF 91 came to life

The Tuesday that passed was a milestone for Faraday Future after completing the First Pre-Production FF 91 , which will be the final test and certification. CEO and founder of FF Jia Yueting said “We have made our first preparatory FF91 using thousands of spare parts from leading suppliers from around the world” Faraday future received in February … Read more

Europe has surpassed 1 million electric car sales

Europe has surpassed 1 million electric

Europe has now surpassed the barrier of one million electric vehicles, with a rise in all European markets, with Norway leading to 36,500 electric vehicle registrations, in the first half of the year 2018. China remained the world’s largest electric car market, accounting for half of sales last year. Nearly 580,000 electric cars were sold … Read more