Enormous increase expected in Europe EV sales until 2025

Next year will be important for sales of electric vehicles but enormous increase expected in Europe by 2025. Until recently this reflected only a small percentage of sales in most European countries, simply giving the feeling of a first placement and acquaintance with the public. However, in the coming years the electric vehicle market will … Read more

Stricter measurements for electric and hybrid vehicles

From 1st September 2018 all new passenger cars sold in the European Union must be certified according to the WLTP test cycle. The new, more stringent, protocol records more high fuel consumption and pollutant emission readings than the previous NEDC.  But what will happen in the future when companies will only manufacture hybrid electric and … Read more

Nonexistent electrification incentives in European Union

Since the European Union has decided that the shift in electrification will be enforced in every way, it has been inevitably accompanied by a similar incentive for their market in many countries. These mostly provide for some tax exemptions, but the strongest motivation so far is to highlight their market subsidy. On the one hand, … Read more

Difficult to achieve the RES targets for 2020 in Europe

Only 11 countries have already achieved the RES targets in Europe. Clouds of uncertainty cover other countries such as Holland, Ireland, Britain, Luxembourg and Poland, where it is difficult to achieve the national targets set. In accordance with the report’s conclusions, in order to achieve the objectives, each country should reinforce the share of RES … Read more

UK strengthens electric vehicle battery research

VW ID Roomzz SUV

The leading role of colossal Asian companies in the production and development of electric vehicle battery, concerns European countries and European car manufacturers. The European countries that support a significant part of their economy in car manufacturing factories have a particular interest in the development of new generation batteries. Indeed, as long as the cost … Read more

European Union wants less polluting trucks on streets

The aim of the new legislation is initially the lowest levels of pollutants in major European countries Trucks are the next objective of the European Union to tighten up regulations to reduce CO2 emissions from lorries. Thus, the European Parliament has reached an agreement but will have to be ratified by a plenary comprising 28 … Read more

Europe : Best countries ready for electric cars

electric cars Europe

There is an increase in electric cars running in Europe, as carmakers are constantly producing new models and better batteries in terms of mileage. However, some countries have taken enormous steps towards electrification and some others are just watching developments.  Now, electric vehicles are a viable option in more and more European countries. This is … Read more

Tesla Model 3 ready to conquer Europe next year

Model 3 Europe

The popular US electric car, according to all the information available so far, Model 3 will be available in Europe in two versions. The AWD Long Range and also the AWD Performance, which were recently certified according to the WLTP protocol for their official autonomy elements.  More specifically, the first has 544 km of autonomy … Read more