Tesla Cybertruck pickup exceeded 500.000 orders

Tesla Cybertruck pickup

As we mentioned two months ago the Tesla Cybertruck pickup could reach 500,000 orders. Not long after the launch of the Cybertruck, orders quickly reached the number 250,000. With $100 one can order the futuristic Pickup, which will be returned when the car is delivered. But it has recently become known, and according to unofficial … Read more

Nikola Badger pickup truck concept with range of 1000 km

Nikola Badger pickup

Nikola Motors plans to invade the popular category of Pickup but with hydrogen as a dominant source of energy. Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, hummer’s electric pickup, and the electric Ford F-150 will be the direct rivals. Nikola Motor Company has unveiled Badger and everything indicates that it will be able to wedge into the aforementioned … Read more

HUMMER EV : All-electric zero emission with 1000 hp


The first tesaser video of the electric Hummer was published by GMC Recently, General Motors announced that Hummer will return to the market as a “GMC Hummer EV”. The new vehicle will be a pure electric one that delivers 1000 horsepower, and an impressive torque of 1600Nm. Also for 0-100 km/h it will take about … Read more

The body of the Russian Cybertruck clone is ready

Russia will probably soon acquire its own Cybertruck clone and of course not for mass production. This is because some Russians from the YouTube channel Garage 54 decided to create their own Cybertruck clone. Read also : Cybertruck copy from Russia has been completed | video For the imposing Russian Cybertruck was used as a … Read more

Hummer returns aggressive with electric SUV and Pickup

Hummer electric suv

The Hummer H1 marked the automobile industry in the past decade where differed with everything else you found on the streets. In America it was a huge success and in Europe the Hummer sold quite well, especially the most versatile and smallest H3. But since then things have changed a lot and on a planet … Read more

Watch Cybertruck to circulate at night on Expressway

Cybertruck circulate

Cybertruck of Tesla, during its presentation caused turmoil for its “special” appearance and impressive performances. But imagine the surprise you will experience when driving with your car at night and suddenly next to you is the enormous Cybertuck!  This is what happened in the video that follows, from YouTube channel Roberto Cruz, when a Cybertruck … Read more