Watch how the Tesla FSD Beta react | video collections

How the Tesla FSD Beta (Full Self Driving) react in real-world conditions? As Elon Musk announced, some lucky Tesla owners can now try the beta version of the full autopilot (FSD). With the trial version already released, some drivers offer us the first videos of the company’s Full Self-Driving system. In the videos below we … Read more

VW to invest in Greece for autonomous driving tests

Greece for autonomous driving

VW research projects also take a field in Greece on electrification and autonomous driving. The Greek island of Thassos will probably be the field of action for the German company’s autonomous driving pilot program. The first discussions between the two stakeholders concerned the possibilities that could ensure a “green-smart” island. That’s where VW and MAN … Read more

Uber : What had preceded the fatal accident in Arizona

A fatal accident in Arizona, United States, occurred in March 2018 when an Uber car, which tested for the development of autonomous driving technologies, hit a woman who was walking the road. Since then it may have been 1.5 year, but the investigations made by the US authorities and the company itself are continuing. ┬áThe … Read more

Renault launches Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab


From October 14 to November 8, 2019, throughout the Paris-Saclay Urban Campus, a group of approximately 100 people will use the car to order Renault as part of the project “Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab”. This daily service, using electric, autonomous and common Renault ZOE Cab prototypes, will allow everyone to move freely to the Paris-Saclay Urban … Read more

Tesla Model 3 no passengers Smart Summon navigation

Autonomous driving is the next big bet for car-makers and Tesla evolves the software continuously so that its models can acquire even more intelligent autonomous functions. One of them is the Smart Summon where more and more videos pop up and show us how this function behaves. In the video below you can see a … Read more

Autonomous Ford Mondeo testing in London launched from Oxbotica

Ford Mondeo equipped with autonomous driving equipment of Oxbotica made their appearance in London’s Stratford, for testing in complex urban environments, with the results being impress. The project of 13.6 million pounds is co-financed by the Government and the results of the first tests of the autonomous vehicles exceeded all expectations. Oxbotica says that the … Read more

Tesla Model S Summon function : Does It Actually Work?

The “Summon” function of Tesla, which the vehicle to park itself and leaving the parking itself, was a major innovation that was applied to all models of the American company. In the latest upgrades the Summon became even more “smart” since it can leave the parking spot and come to the place called by the … Read more